Launched September 2017


In September of 2017, Solid Ground launched a major initiative known as “Claim the Home”. We resolved to focus significant energy and resources on equipping parents and loved ones to raise and influence younger generations in a positive home led by the purposes and Word of God. We define “home” as anyone affiliated with your name or within your heart that you consider to be family that you will do everything you can to raise them up and lead them into the plans and purposes of God. Below are just a few ways that our community is advancing this initiative.

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Inform. Equip. Empower


Through partnerships with organizations such as Homeword, Solid Ground is distributing numerous resources and opportunities covering topics such as: raising children, marriage, culture, and more that will be available to parents and loved ones. Resources will include: Articles, Videos, Books, Workshops, Conferences, and more!

As a family


We are proud to offer quality and meaningful programming for your children from the moment the service begins. Yet we also support families who value worshipping together. As a result you have the option of checking your child in before service begins, or if the parents so choose to do so, we have a specific time in our weekend gathering that provides the opportunity to leave the main worship area and check their kids in at the appropriate room and return in time for the sermon.

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We provide our community with unique events and campaigns to advance the family initiative in ways that bring practical application to valuable information.

An Incredible Experience


Each Sunday morning our fellowship facilitates an incredible experience for children in a safe environment that enables kids to have fun while connecting with other kids and learning about God’s unique plan and purpose for their lives. Our children’s coordinators have years of experience educating and nurturing children in a positive environments. They are supported by a team of dedicated volunteers that ensure your child’s experience is fun, supportive, and meaningful. Per our policy, every coordinator and volunteer goes through a comprehensive background check to ensure your child’s safety. 

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Weekend Gathering