Families Empowered

We are committed to resourcing parents and loved ones to lead the next generation into abundant living.

People Encouraged

We gather together in numerous times and places for the sake of worship, encouragement, and discovery of God’s purpose for our lives.

Truth Discovered

There is nothing like being in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is absolutely life changing.

May we seek to be


In September 2017, our church made ten core commitments that will take us into the next ten years. Together we resolved that regardless of anybody’s past or current circumstances, struggles, or longings, it is the character of the community of God to show compassion, hospitality, and grace to all. In doing so, it is simply a reflection of God’s continual grace displayed to us every day.

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New Critical Initiative


Solid Ground recently launched a major initiative known as “Claim the Home”. We resolved to focus significant energy and resources on equipping parents and loved ones to raise and influence younger generations in a positive home led by the purposes and Word of God.

Enduring in Faithfulness

We are unwavering in our faithfulness to the Word of God, and the pursuit of being fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Courage of Spirit

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we boldly and with great love, bear witness of Christ to the world.

Strength in Unity

Comprised of various generations and backgrounds, we gather and stand together as brother and sisters in the family of God.

Radical Generosity

Ever since the first followers of Jesus, they contributed and shared all they had in common to support, sustain, and mobilize the people of God and to help those who are in need. We seek to do the same.

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the truest version of yourself

Your life has a purpose.  You were created by God with great intentionality and masterful design to be in eternal relationship and fellowship with Jesus. In doing so, you will find the truest version of yourself and will be the hope of the world. We invite you to join us and continue in this incredible journey of seeking, knowing, and representing Jesus.

Sundays 10:00am // University of Redlands - Orton center

Solid Ground exists to help anyone seeking after God to become a wholehearted Christ follower by Loving God, Loving Others, and Serving the World.

Stay Empowered

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Reach Out and Get Connected


Regardless of where you are or have come from, we would be happy to provide you with any valuable information that you may need. Please feel free to reach out via contact info noted below or the contact form to the left.

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Postal address: PO Box 9256 Redlands, CA 92375

Phone: (909) 918-8690

Email: info@solidgroundredlands.org